Development Day

Development Day

Applying for a job or an internship is not on easy feat. You need to have an attractive resume which contains all the necessary information, but is to the point. Besides that, you need to possess the right soft skills and prepare yourself for your job interviews.
All these skills and more can be learned during our Development Day!

The program of the Development Day is as follows:

(Subscribe below for the general event, ALSO if you subscribe for any of the workshops separately)
17h00 - Personal feedback on your resume - Ormit
19h30 - Presentation Young Successful Graduate - P&G
19h00 - Parallel sessions:
          Mock-up interviews (Subscribe to one of the slots below.)
              slot 1: 17h30 - 17h55
              slot 2: 17h55 - 18h20
              slot 3: 18h20 - 18u45
              slot 4: 19h00 - 19h25
              slot 5: 19h25 - 19h50
              slot 6: 19h50 - 20h15

Me as a Brand/ Personal Branding/ Talent Branding - Ormit (Subscribe to one of the slots below.)
              slot 1: 18h00 - 19h30
              slot 2: 19h45 - 21h15

          Walking dinner 18h00 - 20h00

20h30 - Presentation Interview techniques - CrossBridge
21h30 - Reception

Workshop Me as a Brand/ Personal Branding/ Talent Branding - Ormit: Where does Personal Branding stand for? How can I position myself as a brand on the job market? What is the first impression that I make (with feedback) and how can I start growing and improving?
After this workshop, all of these questions will be answered and you will have a better view on what you stand for. This all in an effective way which helps you in your future career.

Registrations for the general event open on Sunday 1/10 at 12h00. You can register for the mock-up interviews on Tuesday 3/10 at 12h00 and for the workshops on Tuesday 3/10 at 12h10.

PS: We only provide food for people who are subscribed to the general event!


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