ORMIT is a vibrant organisation with a young and dynamic culture. We are passionate, people-oriented, result-driven and flexible. And above all fun!


ORMIT believes that the success of a company is determined by the people that work there. People make the difference. The global economy is changing and evolving from capitalism into talentism. Successful organisations distinguish themselves by gaining access to talent, developing that talent and connecting it within their organisation. We support companies with finding, developing and connecting the talent they need right now and in the future.

Making organisations and people more successful

We believe that each individual has their own unique talents that they can use to make a difference. The key to a successful career is discovering and developing these unique qualities. We do this by using our powerful formula, a formula that centres on personal leadership.

ORMIT a great place to work

Working at ORMIT is also working at a ‘Great Place To Work’. We believe that enthusiastic employees enjoy their work and deliver the best performances – which is why we aim to be a great employer. And as we develop talent and future leaders, we feel we should also set the example. Each year ORMIT takes part in various employee satisfaction studies and obtains good results. It shows that we practice what we preach.


- Traineeships at one or more major Belgian companies, packed to the brim with challenging projects and missions.
- A unique personal development programme, designed to help you grow into the professional you want to be ten years from now (but all this in less than two years).


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