Software engineer embedded systems

Here you'll find the details about the job "Software engineer embedded systems" in the company Atlas Copco Airpower NV..

Name Software engineer embedded systems
Company Atlas Copco Airpower NV.

Smart machines and the Industrial "Internet of Things" will push sweeping change through nearly every industry on the planet. It will be the most important technical and business trend of our lifetimes. Atlas Copco Airpower acknowledges this trend and we are actively implementing smart systems into all our machines.

Together with our team, you will not only work on our current control systems, but also on our next generation platform of controllers. Therefore we require you to have a strong interest in embedded hardware and software, emerging technologies from the IoT world, cybersecurity, browser software, industry 4.0, automation tools and state of the art development tools.

Our team is composed of a mix of passionate experts and generalists and you will be able to learn from them. But it will also be your task to keep track of new evolutions in a very broad range of technologies and gradually add extra knowledge and expertise to the team.

You will propose, defend, initiate, and follow up projects with stakeholders within Atlas Copco, various partners from industry, academics, and research institutes. Your task will be to translate use cases described by our stakeholders into solid, future proof solutions and take responsibility of the complete development process. You will be able to translate your ideas into real products.

Your responsabilities will be:

·Translate the requirements of our stakeholders (marketing & sales divisions) into software functionalities
·Specify, design, and implement these functionalities and behaviors in embedded (sub)systems
·Develop software by investigating, validating and integrating promising technologies
·Act as focal point and technical lead from start to completion of development projects
·Innovate new ideas, track related research, develop new concepts, prototype ideas, and report on project status
·Interface with research project sponsors, internal and external customers and research partners
·Communicate technical innovations through reports and regular presentations to our stakeholders and divisional management.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Elektronica
    • Metaal
    • Technologie
    • R & D
    • Energie
    Required special knowledge

    · You have a technical education background (Master in Computer Science, Robotics, Electronics or related engineering field)
    · Experience with programming in Matlab, Simulink, code generation and C++
    · Experience with simulation and/or control of physical system
    · You have knowledge of communication protocols (Industry 4.0)
    · Excellent oral and written communication skills
    · Experience with (embedded) Linux, DDS (data distribution service), component-based/event-driven software is a plus
    · You are passionate about embedded systems, algorithms, machine learning, driver development, …

    ·Analytical, problem-solving, curious, eager to learn
    ·You are able to operate with a high degree of autonomy
    ·You take ownership but are a real team player
    ·You are result driven
    ·You try new ideas, methods and technologies because you are convinced there is always a better way
    ·You like to investigate root causes of technical problems and challenges.
    ·You have a great sense of entrepreneurship

    Foreign Yes
    Contact Rekrutering Atlas Copco (HR)
    Tel: 03 870 24 44