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Student job: Kubernetes Cluster Management

Here you find the details for the student job named "Student job: Kubernetes Cluster Management" in the company Amplidata a Western Digital Company.

Name: Student job: Kubernetes Cluster Management
Company: Amplidata a Western Digital Company

** Western Digital & ActiveScale **

As a student you’ll be working in the Belgian software R&D team of Western Digital Corporation (formerly known as Amplidata), based in Ghent (@Ghelamco Arena). This team of storage software experts is working on producing releases of the ActiveScale Storage System. This team has lots of good ideas for prototypes, product & process improvements they want to see battle-tested. As WDC sees the value and the quality of engineering education, they’d like to get a couple of passionate students on board who want to learn about distributed storage software, how contemporary multi-person development is done and how working in our team feels like. See this student job as a unique opportunity for you to feel the vibe in a local and global company. If you like it and we like you…. We might have a great journey ahead of us.

** Kubernetes Cluster Management **

Kubernetes is a (very) popular container cluster management framework. We have a Proof of Concept that deploys our software stack on this framework. The goal of this student job is to integrate our existing software management and monitoring stack with the Kubernetes API.

You will:
- Learn more about Kubernetes and how it mpas to our software stack
- Write the layer that translates our internal management API to Kubernetes API actions

** Tools/Languages **
Docker, Kubernetes, Mongo, Python, Linux

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Communication and information Technology
  • Industrial Engineering - IT
Required special knowledge:

None required, bring passion and show interest.

Contact: Olivier Gustin (Recruiter)