Discover a new way of travelling.

Going on a course with BEST guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Discover our seasonal courses.

Every summer BEST Ghent organises a summer course during which students from all over Europe come over to participate in an awesome mix of academical, cultural and social activities. An unforgettable experience for both participants and organisers.

In exchange, we offer students at our university the opportunity to experience the very same thing somewhere else in Europe.

And yes, that includes you as well!

Let's create some expectations!

BEST Courses take place all over Europe and are organised by a particular Local BEST Group in cooperation with their local university and last between one and two weeks.


Learn about a topic of your choice through interactive lectures, workshops, company visits in cooperation with the local university.


Discover your destination and the foreign culture under guidance of local students.


Participate in lots of social activities. A weekend trip with hiking and canoeing, a visit to the beach, themed parties every evening…


Make friends all over Europe during one of the most intense weeks of your life.


Enrich your CV with international experience in order to distinct yourself from other students and attract companies.


You will pay max €45 for the entire course, including meals, lodging and other social activities.

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What are the requirements?

The only requirement for applying to a BEST course is that you are a legitimate student at the UGent during that year at one of the following faculties: Engineering and Architecture, Bioscience Engineering or Sciences.

Most courses are introductory and require only a little bit of knowledge of the topic of the course. There are some advanced courses as well, but the precise prerequisites for each course will always be mentioned during the application process.

In order to go on a course, you have to write a short motivation letter for the organising students. Increase your chances for getting accepted by sending us your motivation letter, so that we can give elaborate feedback. Furthermore, a few tips & tricks and examples are listed below.

Read some example motivation letters.

Here are some application tips.

In order to go on a BEST course, your application letter will first have to go through the selection procedure. Only 22 students will be selected while there are sometimes hundreds of applicants for a single course!

To get the best out of your letter, we have some tips here that should give you a headstart:

  • Keep in mind you're writing to fellow students. There is no need for formalities at all.
  • A good letter is brief yet informative. It's not good to be too generic when describing yourself but you shouldn't get lost in the details. Highlighting specific parts is key.
  • Be sure to mention something about the country and/or city you're applying for! Also, you can already find some relevant information in the Survival Guide of the course you’re applying for
  • Certainly mention any relevant experience you have of the topic of the course (can also be extra-curricular) but don't start writing down school grades
  • It is highly advised to apply to several courses at once as this greatly increases your chances of going on a BEST course that season. You can just copy the general parts of your motivation letter, after all.
  • Make use of paragraphs and check for spelling and grammar mistakes before your submission. Preferably a day or so after you've written it (then you'll notice them better).
  • Humour is always a plus, as long as it's appropriate and spontaneous.
  • Provide "eye catchers" to catch the reader's attention and pay special attention to the first and the last line of your letter, as they will always be read even if they are just skimming over your letter.
  • Remember that you HAVE to go there, be convincing!
  • Be creative! People have tried rhymes, short stories, limericks... before with great success because nothing stands out as much as a really original letter.

Thinking about applying?

BEST courses are organized during the entire year. The period and number of days of a BEST course, are chosen by the organizing local BEST group.
The courses are grouped into four seasons:

  • Spring: March - June
  • Summer: July - August
  • Autumn: September - November
  • Winter: December - February

Each season has a certain application period, usually one season beforehand. The whole application procedure takes place on our international website.

A couple of days before the application deadline, we usually organise a motivation letter workshop, to give you even more hints and feedback in a personal and interactive way.

Stay in touch with our Facebook webpage for the details!

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