Sustainabuildity: A concrete course

Going on a course with BEST Ghent guarantees an unforgettable experience.

About our course

You will be staying in the vibrant city of Ghent, surrounded by other enthusiastic students that are internationally minded. Ghent University is a top 100 university. You can celebrate with us, this summer. There will be inspiring classes, unforgettable moments full of happiness and joy, new friendships and the most epic social activities. Get ready for the ultimate BEST experience!

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Let's create some expectations!

BEST Courses take place all over Europe and are organised by a particular Local BEST Group in cooperation with their local university. They last between one and two weeks.


Learn more about sustainable construction and mechanics through interactive lectures, workshops and company visits in cooperation with Ghent University.


Discover Ghent and the Ghentian culture under guidance of true Ghentian students.


Participate in lots of social activities, such as canoeing or hitchiking during the weekend, a themed party every night and many more ...


Make friends from all over Europe during one of the most intense weeks of your life.


Enrich your CV with international experience in order to distinct yourself from other students and attract companies.


You will pay max €55 for the entire course, including meals, lodging and other social activities.

What about the academic part?

Nowadays sustainability is a hot topic! But how can we, the engineers of tomorrow, contribute to the fight against global warming? Let’s make the world a greener place with 20 other great minds who think alike!

We have a very motivated team of teachers that cannot wait to give you fascinating classes and labs about building in a more sustainable way. There will be a focus on both mechanical and civil solutions and improvements. Come aboard and join us in the beautiful Ghent to explore the possibilities of blue energy through a series of interesting classes and labs

Who organises this cool course?

Main Organiser

Roxanne Vander Straeten

Main Organiser
+32 477 09 87 95

Preliminary Schedule


Syllabus and Prematerials

All the materials that are relevant for the course will appear hear, when they are ready. These materials will enlarge your insight on sustainable construction and mechanics and related technologies. Going through these doucments is necessary to understand the topics that will be discussed during the Course.

Comming later


Disclaimer: Transportations will mainly be by bike. We will provide a bike for every student, but be sure you know how to ride a bike.

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