Move and mix: A deepdive in urban mobility

25 July – 3 August 2023

Going on a course with BEST Ghent guarantees an unforgettable experience.

About our course

You will be staying in the vibrant city of Ghent, surrounded by other enthusiastic students that are internationally minded. Ghent University is a top 100 university. You can celebrate with us, this summer. There will be inspiring classes, unforgettable moments full of happiness and joy, new friendships and the most epic social activities. Get ready for the ultimate BEST experience!

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Let's create some expectations!


Learn more about improving the mobility in our urban city through interactive lectures, workshops and company visits in cooperation with Ghent University.


Discover Ghent and the Ghentian culture under guidance of true Ghentian students.


Participate in lots of social activities, such as kayaking or hiking during the weekend, a themed party every night and many more…


Make friends from all over Europe during one of the most intense weeks of your life.


Enrich your CV with international experience in order to distinct yourself from other students and attract companies.


You will pay max €50 for the entire course, including meals, lodging and other social activities.

What about the academic part?

Hey there! Are you ready for a summer of international adventure? Join us in Ghent, Belgium for a journey into the exciting world of urban mobility and immerse yourself in a unique cross-cultural experience.

You'll learn all about sustainable transportation and get a chance to work on real-world solutions to the challenges facing cities. Study the latest developments in bike-sharing systems, alternative fuel vehicles, smart traffic management, and more! But that's just the start. You'll also get to explore the charming streets of medieval Ghent, indulge in delicious Belgian cuisine like waffles, fries, and chocolate, and sample some of the famous Belgian beers. Plus, you'll be surrounded by a diverse group of students from all over Europe, giving you the opportunity to make lifelong friends and expand your understanding of different cultures.

So don't miss this chance to have an unforgettable summer filled with learning, discovery, and international fun in the world of urban mobility!

Who organises this amazing course?

Main Organiser

Mafalda Teixeira da Silva

Main Organiser
+351 929 186 844

Academic responsible

Rune Beerens

Academic responsible

Food responsible

Stijn Van Isterdael

Food responsible

Social responsible

Chiqui Aljas

Social responsible

Pax responsible

Manou Lysens

Pax Responsible

Pax responsible

Can Yavuz

Pax Responsible

How to apply?

Applications are open until Sunday 12 March 23:00 CET (Central European Time) for every student from all over Europe.

We ask all participants to write a motivation letter (max 1 page) and answer all the questions via the website.

Preliminary Schedule

This is a rough draft of the schedule, which will definitely undergo some changes :)

Syllabus and Prematerials

All the materials that are relevant for the course will appear here when they are ready.


Have a question? Don’t hesitate and send an email to our main organizer Mafalda!

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