Developing students, the mission of BEST

To fulfil this mission we offer students all kinds of training sessions, both on soft skills and hard skills. Take a look below to find out what you can do!

Training in BEST

We believe soft skills are very important competences in life. To develop our members to the fullest, we offer soft skills trainings to them to improve their communication, project management, leadership, time management, conflict management, … One by one skills which are useful both in your BEST work as in later life!

BSST Smart Solutions

Have you come across people that you get along with perfectly, who understood you without having to say a word? Have you ever known people you have had constant conflicts with, no matter how hard you tried? The most common problem in the business world is a lack of empathy. The inability to work well in certain teams or with certain people. But what if it would be possible to understand and cooperate with everyone, even the people you don't like?

Smart Solutions, a company that ultimately focuses on outsourcing in all sector, including HR, provides interactive, tailor-made training on the scientifically based "Insights Discovery" model. They are certified to use this model.

What is the Insights Discovery model?

The "Insights Discovery" methodology uses psychology developed by Carl Jung. It helps people to better understand themselves, others and professional relationships in the workplace.

Your character is described by this model based on a colour spectrum with the colours blue, green, yellow & red. The more you have of a certain colour, the more prominent this characteristic will appear.

Moreover, it also provides a powerful tool for estimating the motives of others. The "Insights Discovery" model helps you deal with people who are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum.

How did the event go?
A few days before the event participant were presented with a digital personality test. This test took approximately 20 minutes to complete. They received the result during the training. They were also shown how people of your colour and opposite colours behave, why they get along with some people and how to best deal with people who have an opposite colour to yours.

The schedule for the day itself was as follows:
17h30: Departure by bus at the Plateau
18h30: Walking dinner, presentation of the company and a short tour of the building
19h15: Training session on Insights Discovery Model
21h30: Reception with networking
22h30: Departure towards Ghent by bus

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