Sector Day - IT & Electronics

Sector Day - IT & Electronics

In a world full of technology, students IT and Electronics often pose themself following questions:
Development or rather Maintenance? Frontend or Backend? Startup or Multinational? Webdesign or commercial software?

Everything is evolving so fast that almost every engineering student needs some kind of knowledge in IT and Electronics. This event is the way to find out if companies value these skills and what their focus is.

Because a conversation is always easier when an fun activity is coupled to it, a VR-game is organized. No better way to get an answer to all your questions than during an activity that is full of IT and Electronics.

Don't miss out on this extremely interesting activity and meet young engineers working at Televic, Newtec, Nokia, Accenture, AG Insurance, OTA Insight,…

Subscribe now and we hope to see you at the iGent tower at 17:45.

When: 29 October 2018, 17h45-21h
Where: iGent tower, 12th floor

[The event will be held in Dutch]


iGent Toren
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 15
9052 Gent