ExxonMobil is the largest oil company in the world. It is active in more than 200 countries. We achieved this by combining the first-class talents of our employees with first-class results in all areas we operate in. We believe in our people and are constantly looking for new talent. This is why we offer our employees every opportunity to develop their abilities. Everyone who starts working at ExxonMobil is offered a real career, not only a job. Training, regular job rotation and flexibility are key concepts for a successful career at our company.
ExxonMobil has - compared with the small size of the three countries - a relative high number of plants and other sites in the Benelux. There are two ExxonMobil refineries, five chemical plants, a center for research and development, a lube oil blending plant and several offices. Besides, the biggest ExxonMobil service station can be found here.


Active in Olie & gas Energie Chemie R & D
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Employees worldwide/Belgium 71300/2200
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 460 miljard/-
Key partner Yes


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2021-027: Esso Belgium: Vendor #: 151251 PO #: 4210857576

Esso Belgium, division of Exxon Petroleum & Chemical Afd. PRC/IVC-PRO
B-2060 Antwerpen