Ground lion

Ground lion

Ground lion is an open platform for adaptive case management. Ground lion supports document-intensive, unpredictable business processes and enables large-scale collaboration. The platform is built on state of the art technologies.
Ground lion helps companies to manage their business processes better and thus service their customers better and adapt more quickly to rapid market changes.

The Ground lion concept originates from the minds of ambitious IT consultants. The idea was to come up with a hi-tech, flexible application for case management that could stand the test of time. What started as a side project for innovation, developed into a working modelling environment and an eagerness to bring the models to life. Building an execution engine was the next logical step. Supported by a Flemish government grant, an enthusiastic team took on the challenge and in due course developed the Ground lion software, which is an impressive framework that can handle a broad spectrum of business processes. The goal is to support our customers in structuring and continuously improving more complex and volatile processes.

Today Ground lion is a young and dynamic company with a start-up mentality. Focus, challenge, ambition and dedication are our main values.


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Employees worldwide/Belgium 4/4
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 500.000/500.000
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