IKOS Belgium

IKOS Belgium

IKOS, the technology consulting company specialized in railway and energy, holds 19 offices in 10 countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, UK, US, Sweden and Canada). Today, over 1000 engineers work for our company on large-scale railway and energy projects internationally.

IKOS consultants' expertise and skills span across the entire railway industry, including signalling, rolling stock, low voltage and telecoms, energy and high voltage, and infrastructures and tracks.

IKOS GROUP’s high-calibre internal training programs will enable you to evolve within our company and to build up your professional career path, both by responding to your expectations and offering you projects matching your ambitions.

Join us! Integrating IKOS means accelerating your career, participating in some authentic human experience and realizing your professional goals in a competitive and highly technological sector.

IKOS was founded in 2005 with two objectives:

- To focus on projects that are strategic for clients due to their potential technological leverage and direct impact on the client's competitiveness and performance.

- To provide a new world-class alternative that stands out from firms dominating the market by offering both expertise and a local presence.

IKOS' growth stems from two strategic factors:

- Specialization in the rail sector, which has been our passion and expertise for nearly 20 years

- A drive to develop a new kind of consulting firm at a human scale that focuses on our clients' technological achievements and our consultants' progress.

IKOS' mission is to become the benchmark firm in the rail sector using a high-quality approach to consulting that makes consultants the focus of the company.

With solid know-how in the rail industry, IKOS developed a second business line in energy.


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