Robovision BV

Robovision BV

Robovision is revolutionising the way machines see and interact with the world. By leveraging cutting-edge AI Vision, our platform enables innovative machinery across various sectors—like manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. We've already implemented AI vision in more than a thousand machines worldwide, proving that the technology is not only viable but transformative.

The challenges of operationalizing and scaling AI in automation can be overwhelming; more than half of AI projects never make it past the proof-of-concept stage. Robovision addresses this gap by simplifying the AI lifecycle. Our platform streamlines the complex process of implementing, deploying, and retraining AI models in a continuous cycle. This makes it easier to not just develop a working AI solution, but to also maintain it effectively.

Our platform is designed for simplicity and versatility. With a no-code interface, operators without specialised AI skills can adapt and maintain AI models. This ensures your machinery remains state-of-the-art without requiring ongoing investments in specialised personnel. Robovision also supports a wide range of hardware and deployment options, whether cloud or on-premise, giving you flexibility in integrating AI into your existing infrastructure.


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