SoftKinetic, a Sony group company, is a high-tech company located in Belgium and USA delivering state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Depth Sensing and Natural Interfaces technologies including Time-of-Flight CMOS sensors, depth sensing camera and 3D motion tracking, and 3D image processing software. SoftKinetic offers a flexible work environment, where expertise, motivation and efforts are strategic keywords. SoftKinetic provides a variety of career opportunities for technical, consulting and business-minded professionals and provides a stimulating environment where people can explore and sharpen their skills. Natural Interfaces & Depth Sensing technologies are a new field that is changing the way people and devices interact with mobiles devices, cars, computers, robots, gaming, TV or industrial image processing systems.

SoftKinetic develops 3D imaging systems, primarily based on its patented and unique Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. These developments include:
• Integrated Circuit development for TOF IC products,
• Camera module (hardware and software drivers) products, using its TOF IC’s,
• Middleware libraries running on different platforms and operating systems ( Windows, Linux ; PC, Embedded ) to interpret the low-level camera driver information and translate it into higher abstraction level features and events (eg hand-skeletons, eg detected gestures),
• System algorithms and features to make a full-system stack solution.


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