TASS Belgium NV

TASS Belgium NV

TASS technology solutions is a leading embedded technology company. Our software solutions help our customers reach their goals in the most efficient way. We ensure that our clients in co-creation with TASS can launch innovative and better quality products with a shorter Time-to- Market. We do this by providing knowledge in the form of Consultancy, Training, Projects or Outsourced Services. Both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, we operate from 2 offices (Leuven and Gent; Eindhoven and Apeldoorn), to better serve the local regional market. Belgium has about 70 experts, and the Netherlands has another 150.


Active in Biomedische industry Technologie Telecom Elektronica Consultancy Automobiel R & D Consumer goods
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Employees worldwide/Belgium 250/75
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 22,8 miljoen/7,3 miljoen
Key partner No


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Gaston Geenslaan 9
3001 Leuven