T&M Solutions

T&M Solutions

Our mission:

When human precision is not enough, we create technological solutions that are. Quality standards for products and production processes are so rigorous today that human precision is no longer sufficient to meet expectations.

Test & Measurement Solutions creates technological aids and solutions that contribute to meeting the requirements of extreme quality standards for products and processes on the one hand, and to optimise production and operational costs on the other.

Every day, a highly motivated team of engineers and personnel works at locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland on tailor-made inspection, testing, measurement and precision assembly systems for clients around the world.

Our vision:

In a world of scarce resources and difficult engineering challenges we are convinced that we can make an difference by lowering the ecological footprint of products and reduce the materials necessary during production. The use of quality control and quality assurance systems creates a positive impact on the entire supply chain. We believe that this optimizes the balance between ecological, social and economical values.

Our strategy:

By combining partnerships, leading-edge technology and keeping our committed engineers well-trained, we develop quality improving solutions which help our customers gain and keep their competitive advantage in their specific business domain.


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Employees worldwide/Belgium 85/45
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 11 milion/7,5 milion
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