With over 40 years of experience we are among the top Belgian HR service providers. More than 200 employees in over 40 offices guarantee a personal approach, tailored to qualified candidates and demanding companies. And that through our six specializations Office, Technicum, Customer Care, Finance, Human Resources and Maritime. We also have 3 specialized in-house divisions. Unique Career offers you the security of a permanent contract with a variety of projects at renowned companies. Receptel is our specialist in reception experience where you can score a job as a receptionist or reception employee. Do you want a (para) medical job, or are you a healthcare professional or nurse? Then you can get started in the healthcare sector via Express Medical.

Thanks to our six specialties and three divisions, you can go to Unique for a wide range of jobs, both internally and externally. Below you will find some concrete examples per specialty:

Unique Office
- Office assistants
- Sales assistants
- Customer Service staff
- Commercial employees
- Logistic employees
- Marketing assistants
- Communication staff
- Management assistants, ...

Unique Technicum
- Operators
- Technicians
- Warehouse managers
- Order pickers
- Technical employees
- Project leaders
- Logistic employees, ...

Unique Customer Care
- Customer service employees
- Inbound employees
- Outbound employees
- Team leaders
- Interviewers
- Helpdesk employees, ...

Unique Finance
- Bookkeepers
- Accountants
- File managers
- Financial Controllers
- Auditors, ...

Unique Human Resources
- Payroll Experts
- Recruiters
- HR Officers
- HR Assistants, ...


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