we connect data

we connect data

In a digitally connected world, a broad range of tools and data is at the disposal of each business owner. It is still a challenge for businesses to deal with the ever growing amount of available data, to gain actionable insights in the market they are operating in and to leverage the shared knowledge of the ecosystem they are part of.
Data by itself is meaningless. Its true value is in the insights we extract from it. Currently available platforms were simply not getting the job done.
On March 21, 2016, Jan Vansteenlandt and Ingrid Willems established we connect data with the ambition to build a Data as a Service platform, unlocking intelligence of connected organisations and boosting the valorisation of business data.
we connect data continues the mission of We Open Data, actively contributing to the open data community and promoting the capabilities of linked open data.
we connect data enables public as well as private entities to (co-)create sustainable innovations on top of transparent (open) data ecosystems and to leverage the opportunities new technologies offer to build added value products and services based on aggregated data.
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