Open source Python API

Here you find the details for the internship named "Open source Python API" in the company ML6.

Name: Open source Python API
Company: ML6

The world runs on API frameworks, and our framework of choice is Connexion. It was originally developed by Zalando, but we like it so much that we recently decided to help maintain it. We now co-maintain it with Zalando as part of the “spec-first” organisation.

Connexion is unique since it is an API first (or “spec-first”) framework, which means that you start from an API contract and then implement it in Python, instead of the other way around like most other tools. This enables better collaboration across teams, and easier automation across tools.

We are currently drafting an ambitious roadmap for the next major release, Connexion 3.0. Major features include:

- The ability to act as middleware in combination with any other API framework
- An light ‘native’ version of the API framework, not based on any existing frameworks
- A pluggable architecture to support more content types and extensions
- Increased code quality by introducing typing

Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge:

      - Experience with Python
      - A love for clean code
      - Excellent verbal and written communication in English.
      - You are currently pursuing a degree in computer science or related field.

      Duration: min 6 weeks
      Paid: Nee
      Net wage: -
      Foreign: Nee
      Contact: Julie Plusquin (Talent Partner)