Cloud communication with reusable components

Here you find the details for the internship named "Cloud communication with reusable components" in the company Verhaert Masters in Innovation.

Name: Cloud communication with reusable components
Company: Verhaert Masters in Innovation

• Learn about AWS and Azure.
• Analyze the existing embedded software
components and improve portability.
• Using our existing software components, create an embedded application for an ESP32 development kit, sending and receiving data to and from an Azure endpoint.
• Analyze and improve portability of ESP32/Azure software component for other hw/sw platforms (STM32 and AWS)
• Add components to communicate with AWS and port the functionality to an STM32 development kit.

As an outcome we expect the following:
• Study report.
• Working demonstrator and test setups.
• Successful demonstration of both setups.
• Test report.
• All relevant documentation found or created
during the internship.

Brochure: Download
Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge:

      You want to learn about cloud communication and reusability.
      • You have a sound knowledge of embedded
      systems and the C programming language. Python is a plus.
      • You have what it takes to perform independent research and out of the box thinking.
      • You like to make a working prototype, improving and elaborating on a first demonstrator.

      Duration: 2024 - 2025
      Paid: Nee
      Net wage: -
      Foreign: Nee