Authentication management

Here you find the details for the internship named "Authentication management" in the company AG Insurance.

Name: Authentication management
Company: AG Insurance

AG Insurance offers a wide variety of applications to its clients. Most of those applications are protected behind security access layers and authentication protocols. Currently, there are lots of ways to authenticate yourself on a specific application : login/password, SMS code controls, Digipass, ID Card, Itsme, …
Most of those protocols rely on external partners or softwares, and managing the in-house integration with all of them proves difficult.

The goal of this internship is to search the market for a solution to manage all the authentication protocols within the same package, simplifying the integration and maintenance. That all-in-one solution should also be able to manage the list of authorized users.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • IT
    Required special knowledge:

    Duration: 3 months
    Paid: Nee
    Net wage: -
    Foreign: Nee
    Contact: Laura Antonacci (People Development Facilitator IT)