Deep Learning - Forecasting electricity spot prices using a deep learning and/or time series approach

Here you find the details for the internship named "Deep Learning - Forecasting electricity spot prices using a deep learning and/or time series approach" in the company EDF luminus.

Name: Deep Learning - Forecasting electricity spot prices using a deep learning and/or time series approach
Company: EDF luminus

About EDF Luminus

Number one challenger in the Belgian energy market, EDF Luminus is a significant renewable electricity producer and energy services supplier. EDF Luminus is one of the main Belgian leaders in green energy development and production, operating onshore wind farms and hydroelectric power plants. The company plays a key role in the country’s security of supply - it operates a wide range of gas power plants which balance variations in renewable energy production. With an installed capacity of 2,032 MW at the start of January 2018 and more than 30 sites in Flanders and Wallonia, EDF Luminus represents about 10% of the Belgian electricity generating capacity. This makes the company the second largest electricity producer and supplier of the country.

EDF Luminus is part of the EDF Group and thus has many synergies in production, innovation and development.

About the internship

Compared to other commodities, electricity prices have some important and uncommon properties: constant balance between production and consumption; time-dependence and seasonality of electricity consumption; influence of weather conditions on electricity consumption and production; and influence of neighbouring markets on electricity prices. As a consequence, electricity prices have become a complex phenomenon with volatile prices and unpredictable, sudden and short-lived price peaks.

Whereas the development of renewable energy is indisputably a positive development for our environment, it comes with some significant side effects that will drive price volatility and the frequency of price peaks to unprecedented levels.

Meanwhile, technology has kept developing at a fast pace. More specifically, the application of artificial intelligence within the energy industry is rapidly gaining momentum. Important examples include efficient energy storage management, prediction of energy consumption or even failure management.

EDF Luminus offers an internship in the heart of its Trading and Supply department, aimed at applying principles of Deep Learning and/or time series and statistical methods to the forecasting of electricity prices of the Day-Ahead Market.

While we expect you bring with you experience with Deep Learning and/or time series and statistical forecasting models, EDF Luminus offers a relevant case study that will be developed in close cooperation with the business. The objective is to develop and test models in a lean and iterative way in order to assure developing the model rapidly and gaining insights quickly. The intern will gain important insights in the functioning of the (wholesale) energy market and the role of the Trading & Supply department within the company and the energy sector as a whole, as well as receiving feedback from fellow colleagues and coaching from senior managers.

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Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Electromechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
In industries:
  • Energie
Required special knowledge:

Knowledge on and/or experience with the implementation of deep learning approaches is a clear advantage. More general, experience in forecasting and time series modelling is an asset.

Duration: 4-6 weeks (negotiable)
Paid: No
Net wage: -
Foreign: No
Contact: Brecht Ruttens (Young Graduate, Business Developer Optimization)