Broadband Access through latest Fiber technologies Software

Here you find the details for the internship named "Broadband Access through latest Fiber technologies Software" in the company Nokia.

Name: Broadband Access through latest Fiber technologies Software
Company: Nokia

The team you'll be part of is the NI FN BBN Fiber DU Transport team

Are you interested being at the heart of the Software Development with the goal of providing each end user a fixed gigabit broadband connection? Excited about seeing the endless possibilities of working at an international market-leader telecommunications company? Want to be mentored by a wide range of experts, from seasoned Linux gurus to AI experts? Join our team to help accomplish this challenging goal! We are developing cutting edge software that interacts with our Nokia state-of-the-art ASIC and FPGA SoC’s which involve the latest transport technologies in Fiber Optics Technology

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We are looking for a student for the following subject:

Developing new software modules for vOMCI Virtualized Network Function
Introducing the state-of-the-art SDN (Software-Defined Network) technology in Nokia’s network systems results in new microservices, such as vOMCI (Virtual ONU Management Control Interface). These services are deployed on cloud and create a digital twin of real-world network devices, such as fiber optic modems. These virtual devices simulate the functionalities of real devices and can be configured and monitored in a very user-friendlier manner. Additionally, since software functions control the network, new services and features can be introduced easily and network routines can be automated and adapted flexibly.

During this internship position, the student will contribute to the Nokia’s vOMCI Function by improving its current functionalities and adding new features to it. Accordingly, the student needs to have enough skills in designing, developing, and testing new software modules, written in Python programming language. Additionally, the student will experience new technologies and platforms such as Kubernetes, Robot Framework, Confluence, and so on.

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Communication and information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology - Electronics (Industrieel Ingenieur)
  • Engineering Technology - Electromechanics (Industrieel Ingenieur)
In industries:
    Required special knowledge:

    Duration: 3 months
    Paid: Nee
    Net wage: -
    Foreign: Nee
    Contact: Nadia Beutels (University Relations and Talent Attraction Specialist)