Broadband Fiber Networks

Here you find the details for the internship named "Broadband Fiber Networks" in the company Nokia.

Name: Broadband Fiber Networks
Company: Nokia

The team you'll be part of

Is an inter-cultural team with a mix of system, embedded software and python experts.

The pandemic has highlighted how important telecoms networks are to society. Nokia’s Network Infrastructure group is at the heart of a revolution to bring more and faster network capacity to people worldwide through our ambition, innovation, and technical expertise.

Nokia fiber broadband solutions already delivered three generations of PON technology. From Gigabit GPON, network capacity was boosted by a factor of 10 with 25G PON (world premiere with Proximus), paving the way to 5G backhaul thanks to our in-house developed ASIC.

What you will learn and contribute to

During the internship, you will be integrated in an agile team and get acquainted with the day to day job of a NOKIA software/test engineer. The team you will be part of develops and tests software for next generation passive optical fiber networks (PON).

Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge:

      Duration: 3 months
      Paid: Nee
      Net wage: -
      Foreign: Nee
      Contact: Nadia Beutels (University Relations and Talent Attraction Specialist)