ION Deepfield

Here you find the details for the internship named "ION Deepfield" in the company Nokia.

Name: ION Deepfield
Company: Nokia

The team you'll be part of

ION R&D teams in Antwerp are responsible for delivering and testing embedded software operating in a range IP products responsible in keeping the networks in the world alive and operating 24x7. With the ever expanding internet, the convergence of the Fixed and the Mobile world, the explosion of video related applications, the 5th generation of mobile communications, the growth of the number of IOT devices, Quality and feature richness of Nokia IP products is key in driving not only the telcos but also the end-user quality of experience.  

What you will learn and contribute to:

Our Development and Test engineers help design, develop, test and support a whole range of innovative, cutting-edge, next-generation features (year-on-year) for our broad range of products. As an internship candidate you would be:  

- Working with a very talented team in a technically challenging and stimulating environment  
- We want to hear from you about your interests and innovative ideas/suggestions: We believe and thrive on innovative ideas and we welcome new challenging ideas which could help make our products/solutions better. So if you have ideas to help, we help nurture them.  
- Opportunity to get exposure towards "What's next for IP networks" in terms technology, embedded software and  innovative solutions  

Key Responsibilities "

- We try to develop an internship program based on the candidate's area of interest, background (academic / experience) in line with the needs of ongoing projects in Deepfield.
- You will have the opportunity to work as an integral part of the team.
- Be innovative and open to ideas, demonstrate willingness to learn and to deliver based on the project.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge:

      Duration: 3 months
      Paid: Nee
      Net wage: -
      Foreign: Nee
      Contact: Nadia Beutels (University Relations and Talent Attraction Specialist)