Machine/ Deep Learning, Autonomous Network Operation

Here you find the details for the internship named "Machine/ Deep Learning, Autonomous Network Operation" in the company Nokia.

Name: Machine/ Deep Learning, Autonomous Network Operation
Company: Nokia

The team you'll be part of

Nokia Bell Labs is the world-renowned research arm of Nokia, having invented many of the foundational technologies that underpin information and communications networks and all digital devices and systems. This research has produced nine Nobel Prizes, five Turing Awards and numerous other awards.

Within the Autonomous Network team, our Artificial Intelligence experts perform research and develop a software system able to autonomously manage, provision, optimize and troubleshoot the network’s broadband services, in real-time. This leverages state-of-the-art machine/deep learning techniques and large-scale amount of data.

What you will learn and contribute to

Are you passionate about solving problems?
As part of our team, you will:

- Perform a 10-weeks internship with our Bell Labs’ AI/ML experts,
- Design & implement a research applying Deep Learning for Network Operation,
- Validate the implementation and compare the proposed solutions,
- Deal with realistic large-scale data sets and parallelized computing,
- Explore and get familiar with various open-source software libraries.

Your skills and experience
You have:

- Enrolled student in Master of Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Computer Science or relevant related area
- Good knowledge regarding the machine learning concepts. Having knowledge on convolutional neural networks is an asset.
- Being autonomous with open source libraries (TensorFlow/Keras, PyTorch,…) and being fluent in Python are pre-requisite.
- Some bases in telecommunication and signal processing are a plus.
- Large autonomy in the work, ability to ask for support, good communication, strong attention to details, … are essential skills for this type of internship.

Target profiles:
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      Required special knowledge:

      Duration: 3 months
      Paid: Nee
      Net wage: -
      Foreign: Nee
      Contact: Nadia Beutels (University Relations and Talent Attraction Specialist)