P&G - R&D engineer

Here you find the details for the internship named "P&G - R&D engineer" in the company Procter & Gamble.

Name: P&G - R&D engineer
Company: Procter & Gamble

What internship projects you can expect? It can involve a combination of:

• Develop new breakthrough methods;
• Gain new consumer insights and translate these into testable prototypes;
• Identify new technologies or technical solutions for the performance, stability and scale-up of our products;
• Design new packages that are more sustainable;
• Use State of the Art technology to understand, visualize and model problems and come up with creative solutions;
• Use research scale equipment to develop new processes for manufacturing.

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Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Electronic Circuits and Systems
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Chemical / sustainable materials / textile Engineering
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Electromechanical Engineering
In industries:
  • Consumer goods
Required special knowledge:

Duration: 3 months minimum
Paid: Ja
Net wage: -
Foreign: Nee
Contact: Bjorn De Groote (Key Account Manager)