Production Coordinator

Here you'll find the details about the job "Production Coordinator" in the company Cargill NV.

Name Production Coordinator
Company Cargill NV

The Production Coordinator role is responsible for translating the objectives of our organization into the tasks that the team needs to accomplish. You will provide direction to the operations team to accomplish daily production goals with an emphasis on the customer and key stakeholders, promoting the company's approach to ensuring our products, people and environment are kept safe.

• Understanding the daily production demands and ensure that production needs are met.
• Maintain established crew levels through recruitment scheduling and assignment of hourly stakeholders.
• Promote a culture of people safety and food safety by championing best practices in these areas and ensuring accountability and adherence to company programs.
• Train and motivate employees to drive maximum efficiency, productivity, food safety and quality, and engagement.
• Be the resource for employees, through coaching, investigating and following up on employee issues.
• Responsible for personnel decisions related to hiring, performance and disciplinary actions for your direct reports. You will also spend time completing the same tasks as employees on your team.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Chemie
    • Food Production
    Required special knowledge
    Foreign Nee