Here you'll find the details about the job "GRADUATION THESIS PROJECT HYDRODYNAMICS" in the company Damen Naval.

Company Damen Naval

As a Graduation Thesis Project Hydrodynamics at Damen Naval you will face multiple aspects of applying advanced CFD methods in various phases of ship design. For the development of these methods various design tools are available that assist you in achieving your research goals. You will be responsible from day one for the planning and execution of your research project. You are expected to deliver a detailed in-depth analysis of your research problem and meanwhile be able to communicate the results and conclusions to other departments.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge

      Top class student Master student Naval Architecture, Maritime Technology, Aerospace engineering, Mechanical engineering or Applied Physics.

      Passionate about ships and shipbuilding and familiar with hull form design principles
      Basic experience in CFD analysis or have a proven ability and specific motivation to become familiar with this subject in a very short time.

      Familiar with 3D CAD software (such as Rhino), able to use programming tools (e.g. Python) and familiar with Linux.

      Capable of identifying and communicating with multiple stakeholders.

      Independent, curious, analytical and proactive.

      Good command of the Dutch and English language both written and verbal.

      Excellent references antecedents as a pre-employment security screening is standard part of the recruitment procedure.

      Permanent EU citizenship and passport are both required and candidates with NL/EU (work) visa or with both an EU and non-EU nationality and/or passport are not eligible in accordance with the requirements imposed by the military nature of our projects.

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      Contact Daan Smit (Recruiter Damen Naval)