Process & Project Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Process & Project Engineer" in the company Eastman.

Name Process & Project Engineer
Company Eastman

In this role, you successfully execute improvement and investment projects in order to enhance safety, productivity and overall performance of our production facilities for Methylamines and derivatives.
Job Responsibilities
- Identify productivity improvement ideas by analyzing production data, making mass heat balances of the process, modeling and simulating the process, performing pinch analysis, …
- Identify and evaluate possibilities to comply with new regulations or to improve safety, environmental, quality or sustainability performance.
- Follow new technology developments and perform feasibility study for implementation in existing plants - Perform process design
- Develop the conceptual design deliverables: PFD, MHB, process simulation, main equipment design conditions (P, T, dimensions), main equipment plot plan, …
- Develop the basic engineering deliverables: P&Id’s, pipe specs, equipment spec sheets, control philosophy, IO count, power count, HAZOP study, LOPA study, permit requests, …
- Develop the detailed engineering deliverables: pipe list, IO list, instrumentation spec sheets, PSV spec sheets, interlock list, DCS info, …
- Lead projects from A to Z : define the problem, find the right solution, execute detailed engineering and lead the construction activities and commissioning, together with a team of internal and external experts.
- Support operations by doing contact engineering - Assist production in troubleshooting: identify root cause for issues in safety, quality, environment, productivity, yield, … and propose new standard operating conditions in order to solve the issue
- Support operations in continuous process improvements: evaluate current process performance, propose and evaluate production tests in order to improve process performance

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Chemical / sustainable materials / textile Engineering
In industries:
  • Chemie
Required special knowledge

Strong candidates for this position should have many of the following skills or be willing to be trained in these areas.
₋ Education and/or Certifications: Master’s degree in engineering and/or Chemistry.
₋ Team player with excellent communication skills.
₋ Problem solver who really wants to get the job done.
₋ Inquisitive learner.

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