Dredging Geologist Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Dredging Geologist Engineer" in the company National Marine Dredging Company.

Name Dredging Geologist Engineer
Company National Marine Dredging Company

• Create soil models with different soil classifications
• Create and maintain File maker soil data base
• Process and maintain soil data base and soil models for all relevant projects area
• Create specific soil maps as per requirements
• Create progress charts based soil map
• Follow up and logging of all data required for soil mapping and processing
• Analyse geological and geotechnical data and assist in preparation of geotechnical interpretative reports
• Perform critical analysis of geological and geotechnical data as input for the dredging models
• Assists Engineering team in design and evaluation of tender proposal and/or project design
• Attend and witness geotechnical investigation campaigns and perform independent in-depth geological description for dredging production purpose
• Review geological considerations developed by third party consultants
• Ensure correct data processing as per QA/QC procedure and standards
• Promote and ensure compliance with organization’s Health and Safety policies
• Safety is a part of each employee’s job, active participation to the safety program is a condition of each employee’s employment in order to achieve safer working environment

Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge

      • Degree of Engineering Geology or and equivalent professional qualification. Fluency in English
      • Knowledge of geotechnical standards and guidelines
      • Ability to manage competing priorities and deliver multiple concurrent activities within agreed deadline and to agreed standards
      • Ability to challenge the way things are done to improve organization effectiveness
      • The ability to inspire confidence through timely delivery of information
      IT skills
      • ArcGIS
      • Rockworks
      • gINT
      • FileMaker
      • Matlab
      • Python
      • AutoCAD
      • Geostudio

      Foreign Nee
      Contact Ioannis Fragkias (HR Team Leader, HR)
      Tel: +971 56 417 3345