Full Stack JavaScript Developer (React/Node)

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Name Full Stack JavaScript Developer (React/Node)
Company Sinch

Are you interested in bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level: the human level? Did you start programming so you could design amazing software that will be used around the globe? is a part of Sinch and based in Belgium. At we develop an easy to use Conversational AI platform that lets our clients build and maintain even the largest and most complex bots, no coding required. We build our AI entirely in house, including our speech-to-text algorithm. And our Natural Language Processing algorithms can understand more than 125 languages out of the box, even if you trained it in just 1 language.

Joining our Growth & Experience team, you will further improve how people build and interact with Chat- and voicebots. You will mainly use TypeScript, React and NodeJS to build the platform that will power next generation virtual assistants and applications.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Telecom
    • Artificial Intelligence
    Required special knowledge

    Nice plus: React, Node, Typescript, Kubernetes, Docker.

    Foreign Nee
    Contact Frederic Godin (Head of AI)