Production Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Production Engineer" in the company OneSpan (formerly VASCO Data Security).

Name Production Engineer
Company OneSpan (formerly VASCO Data Security)

OneSpan is looking for a ‘Production Engineer’ to join its Operations department in Mollem.

The objective of the ‘Production Engineer’ is to perform production preparation for the manufacturing plants of our subcontractors located in Asia. This person is also involved in the internal production process for closing of all batches (specific customer orders).

The know-how of this Fulfilment team member is the essence for the high quality and reliability of the OneSpan devices. Through efficient production process preparation, the Fulfilment team will establish the highest efficiency and productivity.


Key tasks:
•Distribution preparation based on received csv files from our customers.
•Coordinating a small fulfilment team in Mollem.
•Verification of the quality for each process step.
•Coordination of every step within the distribution process.
•Data return handling towards our customer.
•Report creation to different parties (inside Vasco and to customers).
•Communication/reporting to Order Administrator for invoicing of delivered quantities.
•When you're fully familiar with the above tasks, you'll be involved as production engineer for hardware and software orders.

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Technologie
    • IT
    Required special knowledge

    •You have obtained a Bachelor, Master or Industrial Engineer degree in Electronics/Electromechanics/IT and 2 years of experience.
    •You have strong analytical skills, enabling you to define the best and cheapest solution to the customer
    •You are quality-minded and proactive
    •You are able to work within time critical guidelines
    •Fluency in English and Dutch is a must. Basic knowledge of French is preferred
    •Knowledge of C / C++ or Linux is a plus
    •Thorough knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, …) is required

    Interested? Apply via:

    Foreign Nee
    Contact Julie Tinel (Recruitment Coordinator)