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Cloud communication with reusable components

Here you find the details for the student job named "Cloud communication with reusable components" in the company Verhaert Masters in Innovation.

Name: Cloud communication with reusable components
Company: Verhaert Masters in Innovation

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VERHAERT has a clear focus on
innovation and development of new
products for international customers in
various sectors. We offer a broad range of
product development services, from
business consultancy to series
By further investing in hardware
abstraction and reusable embedded
software components, we want to keep
improving our embedded software
development process.
For our IoT projects we want to create a
standard set of components to
communicate with cloud service
platforms, like AWS and Azure.
Starting from our component-based
solution for Azure communication from an
ESP32, the challenge is to extend what we
have to AWS and to other embedded

Brochure: Download
Target profiles:
    Required special knowledge:

    Master of Bachelor student Electronics

    Contact: Peter Roels (Recruitment Coordinator)
    Tel: +32 493 51 07 15