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Student job: Big Data - Hadoop Integration

Here you find the details for the student job named "Student job: Big Data - Hadoop Integration" in the company Amplidata a Western Digital Company.

Name: Student job: Big Data - Hadoop Integration
Company: Amplidata a Western Digital Company

** Western Digital & ActiveScale **

As a student you’ll be working in the Belgian software R&D team of Western Digital Corporation (formerly known as Amplidata), based in Ghent (@Ghelamco Arena). This team of storage software experts is working on producing releases of the ActiveScale Storage System. This team has lots of good ideas for prototypes, product & process improvements they want to see battle-tested. As WDC sees the value and the quality of engineering education, they’d like to get a couple of passionate students on board who want to learn about distributed storage software, how contemporary multi-person development is done and how working in our team feels like. See this student job as a unique opportunity for you to feel the vibe in a local and global company. If you like it and we like you…. We might have a great journey ahead of us.

** Big Data - Hadoop Integration **

In this student job, you will work on connecting different components in the Hadoop ecosystem with Activescale, which is an S3-compatible storage system ( As an Activescale system is built to store petabytes of data, it is the perfect storage target for Big Data applications in the Hadoop ecosystem

You will:

Learn how Hadoop interfaces with S3-compatible storage systems:
directly through the Hadoop compatible filesystem s3a:// (
Asynchronously through the HDFS Provided Storage feature (,

- Improve the functionality of these components and how they integrate with the broader Hadoop ecosystem: Apache Spark, Hive, Sentry, Ranger, Hue, ….

- Be part of a team that has contributed 20+ patches to Apache Hadoop (s3a) and has added major new functionality to HDFS (Provided Storage)

Target profiles:
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Computer Science Engineering
  • Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Communication and information Technology
  • Industrial Engineering - IT
Required special knowledge:

None required, bring passion and show interest.

Contact: Olivier Gustin (Recruiter)