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Jobstudent Software Development

Here you find the details for the student job named "Jobstudent Software Development" in the company OMP.

Name: Jobstudent Software Development
Company: OMP

Location: Wommelgem (Antwerp)

Are you passionate about software development? Do you want to challenge your analytical and technical skills? If yes, OMP is the right place for you!
Whether it is for an internship, a student job or a thesis, we have the right project for you. During your project, you have the opportunity to get a taste of software development in a professional environment, with the close guidance of an experienced and highly skilled software engineer.
We can use your knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and creativity in the following domain areas:
Back-end Developments: You combine good programming skills (preferably in C++) with a strong technical focus. Some example topics:
Investigate different allocation strategies to reduce memory fragmentation
Investigate the possibilities of C++ modules (C++ 20) for a huge code base
Investigate message broker systems for C++
Front-end Developments: if you are passionate about UI work and are experienced with technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, React and Angular, we have plenty of this for you. Some example topics:
Various improvements to the UI of our applications
Extend the web page related to application deployment
Full Stack Development: Here are some example topics that will challenge your technical versatility:
Integrate a chatbot or natural speech as a means of interaction with our services
Implement a website to provide information on external libraries and dependencies
Data Science: whether it is in the context of Operations Research, Machine Learning or Statistics, the topics in this area combine a mathematical and a research & development aspect. Some example topics:
Build a predictive bug detection application using data mining and machine learning techniques
Investigate and improve the performance of our multi-stage cutting solver
Improve the combination of heuristics and MIP solvers
Applications & Tooling: This domain groups various topics that help our software developers to be as productive as possible, by providing them with the right tools for the job. Some example topics:
Facilitate development/debugging by creating VisualStudio extensions (C#)
Turn manual actions into automatic scripts (Powershell, Python, …)
Improve our continuous integration/deployment setup (using Jenkins, Docker, …)
Automatically create documentation from the code
Based on your specific interests, we are happy to find the best topic for you!
From our side, we will provide the ideal conditions for you to grow and boost your development: as a member of an international team, you will work in close collaboration with a passionate software developer who will be by your side in one of our offices. Using the best professional tools and equipment, you have all the ingredients to further develop your development skills.
Duration of the student job/ internship: at least 4 weeks
38 h working week – flexible hours
Are you as thrilled about this as we are? Then we would like to hear from you!

Target profiles:
    Required special knowledge:

    Contact: Kira van Waterschoot (Talent Acquisition Assistant)