Production Planning & Control Process Advisor

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Name Production Planning & Control Process Advisor
Company CNH Industrial Belgium


Guide plants for MOP (methods of procedure) development, lead the Industrial portion of the S&OP process, validate changes on the Commercial Requirements, assess impact on MFG Plants, find best possible solution to satisfy the requirements (Calendar, Daily rate, Off line, OKTS, and Fleet management) in the MFG Operating Plan, including Component Plant impacts. Document cost impact (down days, overtime, rebalances, HC termination, ....) Manpower consolidation after MOP cycle

Lead Industrial portion of the Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) process, respecting WW S&OP timeline

Component Plant Requirements, based on Final Plant MOPs, manage constraints, solve capacity issue between final plants and component plants

Manage the "Material Overplanning" process in the plants, both Final Assy Plants as well as Component Plants, thru MRP MOPs, in order to book capacity in the supply base

Ensure Off Line / OKTS in line with Plan, OKTD to support the Wholesale plan of Commercial, manage the Blocked Units / FAI OK on PAD delay

Ensure the Order Coherence process monitoring (working with Plant, S&OP and Commercial)

Priority setting to support specific commercial priorities

Launches in line with Platform Plan (Check alignment the to product Launches plan)

Team work with SharePlan Team and SupplyChain KPI team for Mop tools improvement and process improvement

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • Metaal
    Required special knowledge


    Daily interaction with Plant, Procurement and Purchasing/Commodity (plants antennas,…) to highlight potential gaps and ask for support where not possible to achieve on our own.

    Weekly attendance to the L2/L3 call. Within L2, support and follow up to suppliers as requested.

    Guide arbitration between plants and region.

    Support to the Interplant planning process for components

    Standardized Plants view of requirements data to allow to drive suppliers through arbitration. Std management document showing status / progress, allowing to take the decision to remove supplier from crisis follow-up (back to normal process)

    Interaction with suppliers to delivery in line with the given promises and share new promises.

    Ensure plants achieve expected delivery Performance to Spare Parts on FLT's, and maximize the performance on SLT and Urgent orders to minimize the impact for our final customers

    Support to the Plant to analyze the root causes in order to eliminate/reduce the Urgent Freight

    WMF NA flow providing weekly analysis of the promises of the suppliers highlighting points of attentions (missing promises, past dues, blocked orders etc.). Weekly analysis of the aging inventory at ISC.

    Assure plants meet Inventory Levels targets: Manage BDG & Fcst1/2/3 Inventory target planning, in coordination with Finance.

    Working at CNH Industrial is working in an environment where, partly due to its international character, numerous development opportunities are offered. The CNH Industrial Belgium site in Zedelgem employs more than 3,000 people. In that one location, a variety of departments are present, ranging from design - with an R&D center with more than 400 employees - over production to service and dealer training to all support departments.

    CNH Industrial Belgium in Zedelgem is also located in a congestion-free area and is easily accessible.

    We offer a very attractive salary package, with numerous fringe benefits, such as our bonus system, insurance, eco-cheques, meal vouchers and no less than 20.5 working time reduction days on top of the statutory vacations (in full-time system).

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