Junior Technology Consultant - Data Consultant (September 2024) (Technical profile)

Here you'll find the details about the job "Junior Technology Consultant - Data Consultant (September 2024) (Technical profile)" in the company KPMG.

Name Junior Technology Consultant - Data Consultant (September 2024) (Technical profile)
Company KPMG

KPMG Belgium is currently looking for Technical Data Consultants (Zaventem or Antwerp) to join our KPMG Lighthouse team –center of excellence around Data, AI and Emerging Technologies:
- You will use data-driven approaches to find solutions to business problems and/or to resolve automation-related issues by coding and scripting;
- You will work with data-driven technologies, such as data science tools (e.g. Python, R, SAS, SQL, Spark) and automation tools (e.g. Appian, Power Platform, Blue Prism);
- Your role will be highly varied and involves working in a supportive, young and dynamic team;
- You will contribute to the growth of KPMG Lighthouse and participate in the development and implementation of our data-driven capabilities, mostly through impactful projects at clients;
- You will be in regular contact with clients in various industries;
- You will work cross-functionally with business operations and business analysts to help them perform their duties more effectively and genuinely revolutionizing AI.

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Target profiles:
    In industries:
      Required special knowledge

      You will soon hold a Master’s degree in quantitative or technological fields (e.g. engineering, computer science, physics, data science, statistics …):
      - Knowledge of common programming languages: we have a Python-first setup, but will if needed tackle problems using R, SAS, SQL, Java …
      - Knowledge about data & analytics, machine learning / AI and automation (have notion of database management, cloud computing, agile development, containerization …)

      While academic qualifications are important, there are several other main competences we highly value, including:
      - A broad interest in how data & technology can help transform and improve business processes
      - Strong affinity to apply data, analytics and AI to solve business challenges
      - Strong analytical skills and make-it-happen mentality
      - Enthusiasm about working in a project-based environment
      - Eagerness to learn and make an impact
      - Strong client orientation and being a real team player
      - Strong communication skills in English and in Dutch or French
      - A natural ambition and high motivation

      Foreign No
      Contact Em Drijkoningen (Senior Campus & Sponsorship Officer)
      Tel: +32 2 708 36 18