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Endoscopy (open): use of CO2 in laparoscopy, why CO2. Video endoscopy, different parts+function. (based on last slide!)

Electrosurgery (MCQ): why AC, effect of increasing endocut effect

Ultrasound (MCQ) : Not detecting kidneys stones in compound mode, no color on color doppler. Which mode used to visualize deep vein thrombosis.

Anesthesiology (MCQ) : pulse oximetry, how to monitor gasses (o2 paramagnetic,…), IBP, (based on AIM)

Pulmonology (open): explain diffusion coefficient, role of CO and He, non-pulmonary factors.

Nephrology & dialysis (open): what role does convection play in dialysis, further explain factors and how to improve convection.

Cardiology (open) : how do you image the morphology of coronary arteries? (CT+angio)

Surgery (detailed MCQ) : frequency of MWA, heatsink effect, robotic surgery

ICU (easy MCQ): formula CPP, IABP state during systole/diastole/, …

Physical medicine (open): TENS: which current, working principle, (contra)-indications