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Examenvragen van Medical Physics.


Group 1

  • dose high/low energy in tisse/bone/tissue. why increase in high energy for greater tissue depth and decrease in low energy for greater tissue depth

  • Exposure to effective dose

  • fluoroscopy, + factors influencing dose

  • Explain SEE,LET,DLP, cumulative dose

Group 2

  • Given an image, estimate the depth of propagation of photons for a low energy X-ray a high energy therapeutic beam

  • Define Exposure and effective dose, explain how exposure is related in its calculation

  • Compartmental model analysis of the GI tract

  • Define DLP, DAP, LET, overbeaming

Group 3

  • Describe linear attenuation coefficient from given graph. Also describe energy required for mammography, fluoroscopy with contrast , thorasic X-ray

  • Effective dose calculation schematic diagram and equation

  • CTDI, RBE,DAP and overscan describe


Group 1

  • SE sequence given, explain

  • use of FA in GE.

  • chemical shift of water and fat (Asked in every group)

  • reason for noise

Group 2

  • MRI sequence write in details

  • Chemical shift of water and fat

  • Reason of heating in MRI and consequences

Group 3

  • Numerical to find SNR, ST and resolution and how these must be be modified (for example what needs to be done to bring the matrix to 256X236 from 256X256)

  • STIR

  • Chemical shift between fat and water