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20/6 afternoon:

What is known in forward model in EEG. What is the size of lead field matrix and what the Column stands for.

Diffusion weighted imaging. What is this? Which technique we use to measure?

What is tractography? Clinical use of tractography?

Why we use CT instead of MRI. When we use it? Explain how dynamic CT perfusion is used to derive quantitative parameters for voxel

21/6 morning:


a) explain 10-20 system

b) what is measured in EEG? action potentials or post-synaptic potentials?

c) examples of EEG in clinical practice

Functional connectivity

a) What is Granger causality?

b) Explain the difference between PDC and DTF (formulas were given, but not which one was which), and give an example

Functional imaging

a) Explain how fMRI works

b) What are the limitations of fMRI?

c) Example of other functional imaging techniques

21/6 afternoon:

MEG/EEG, why Gyri more than Sulci,(dis-advantages)

MI and TE, explain parts of formula + properties

Spect in multimodal presurgical evaluation of epilepsy

Pet in AD + which tracers.

22/6 morning:

•Parkinson: Symptoms, what kind of neurological disease is it. cause Treatment Are there some non-pharmaceutical treatments.

•Difference isotrope anisotrope diffusion Brownian motion of both 3D and 2D diffusion probabilitys of both That formula with eigenvalues and vectors. What does those eigenvalues and vectors mean. Indicate tham on a isoprobability surface. 2 pictures of a brain. Which is AD and which is RD, why

•Difference functional and segragiontal How are the functional conncectivity parameters derived (I don’t know the question exactly). Give some properties those parameters can have.Give an example of a non-linear parameter and explain (no formula) Give an application for functional connectivity

22/6 afternoon:

Pearson correlation/ crosscorrelation/coherency and coherence, how are these 4 linked and what do they mean? give properties and possible values

MRI: what is T1 and T2 (+draw different decays), differrence between T2 and T2*. 3 images which is which. Contrast

BCI: give 3 components. how is signal measured, what is preferred. explain ERP speller. give challenges