About Us

Our Mission

2 years ago, we started with a brand new concept called VTK Career & Development based on two important pilars, career and development. Through various events and services, we provide an informal but professional setting for graduating students to meet your company. We help the students find their future career and provide you with the perfect match for you company at the same time. However, we don't stop at an application, we also provide our students with development courses, focusing on soft skills. Consequently, you not only get technically, but also socially skilled engineers!

We build the bridge between your company and graduating engineering students!

Our Strategy

Let them meet you

Is your company hiring new engineers? The first step is presenting yourself to the students, let them meet you. Our events in the first semester are perfect to do this in an informal manner. Furthermore, it is the perfect moment to get to know the person behind the resume.

Get them to apply

The journey does not stop at the introduction. It is also important to provide the students with the necessary information to apply. To enable you to reach the students you search, we provide various fairs.

Let them flourish

In our modern society, an engineer is more than someone with technical knowledge. These days, great social and soft skills are indispensable. We, therefore, offer several sessions to enhance these skills. This to ensure that we provide you with not only technically great but also socially skilled engineers.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team: Kaat Claessens

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

1st Master Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

+32 476 04 67 36


Kaat Claessens

C&D Responsible

Meet Our Team: Elisabeth Hoffman

A young woman without ambition is an old woman waiting to be.

1st Master Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

+32 498 01 98 38


Elisabeth Hoffman

C&D Responsible

Meet Our Team: Marija Pizurica

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little 'extra'.

1st Master Computer Science Engineering

+32 485 91 66 03


Marija Pizurica

C&D Responsible

Meet Our Team: Maarten van den Akker

In every difficulty lies an opportunity.

2nd Master Control Engineering and Automation

+32 467 82 17 00


Maarten van den Akker

C&D Responsible

Meet Our Team: Féline De Pandelaere

"And she continued" - A successful woman

1st Master Civil Engineering

+32 487 42 41 30


Féline De Pandelaere


Meet Our Team: Jarne De Waele

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

1st Master Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

+32 470 04 97 54


Jarne De Waele


Meet Our Team: Thomas Lips

Ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est.

1st Master Computer Science Engineering

+32 478 75 26 89


Thomas Lips


Meet Our Team: Hélène Roelandt

It's hard to beat someone who never gives up.

1st Master Control Engineering and Automation

+32 497 31 92 15


Hélène Roelandt


About VTK

VTK Gent guides the students throughout their entire academic journey. We attempt to enrich our members with regards to their student life and subsequent professional career. We offer a diverse package of services, going from providing the students with the necessary course material, to representing students’ merits on faculty board level and organising a variety of events. Our calendar is filled with all kinds of festivities, cultural and sport events, maintaining a healthy balance with professional activities, such as workshops and an internship and job fair.