Video Analysis

Here you find the details for the internship named "Video Analysis" in the company ML6.

Name: Video Analysis
Company: ML6

Action recognition
In the context of video analysis, action recognition is the task of recognizing (human) actions in a video [1]. Actions range from extreme outdoor activities, such as abseiling, to everyday activities, such as scrambling eggs (Figure 1). Action recognition is typically also used to describe the broader field of event detection, for example in sports. It is considered one of the most important tasks of video understanding. It has many real-world applications, including behavior analysis, video retrieval, human-robot interaction, gaming, and entertainment. Action recognition can be further divided into classification and localisation. Classification only involves assigning a label to the entire video, whereas localisation additionally involves localising the actions in space and/or time.

While there is growing interest, video action recognition still faces major challenges in developing effective algorithms.

--> Sports event detection
--> Anomaly detection
--> Violence detection

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      Duration: min 8 weeks
      Paid: Nee
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      Foreign: Nee
      Contact: Julie Plusquin (Talent Partner)