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Name PDK Engineer
Company Luceda Photonics

We are looking for motivated people to join our team that develops, maintains, and supports over 25 process design kits (PDKs) for more than 15 photonic IC foundries. Our PDK engineers have the crucial task of enabling the design of photonic chips in specific photonic technologies by Luceda ’s customers. In addition to continuous work with foundries and
customers, Luceda has a range of projects to increase the simulation capabilities of photonic PDKs, to accurately predict the behavior of chips before they are manufactured. Adoption of new technologies and wavelength ranges driven by new applications is a focus point.

We offer a varied job which includes interfacing with foundries and designers, as well as working with Luceda ’s application engineering and software development teams. We are searching for a person with a solid background in photonics, a strong interest in software as well as an appetite for interactions with partners and customers.

As a PDK engineer you will:
- Implement and maintain the simulation and layout aspects of process design kits.
- Extend the modeling capabilities of Luceda Photonics, turning measurement and simulation data into efficient models that can be used to predict chip performance.
- Support customers on specific design kits and technologies.
- Start collaborations with new fabs and on new IC, packaging and integration technologies, support knowledge building at Luceda.

Your profile:
- You have a solid background in integrated photonics.
- You have experience in photonic integrated circuit design.
- Experience with specific technologies such as silicon, indium phosphide, silicon nitride or lithium niobate is an asset.
- You like programming.

We offer:
- The opportunity to work at the intersection of many exciting high-tech engineering fields and learn about them.
- The flexibility of a small company.
- The opportunity to interact with customers from all over the world on their use cases.

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