Data Science Engineer

Here you'll find the details about the job "Data Science Engineer" in the company Robovision BV.

Name Data Science Engineer
Company Robovision BV

You will report to your Team Lead and work closely with the Product, DevOps and Sales teams.

In this role you will deliver state of the art Vision Based AI solutions to customers. From the moment a customer decides to partner up with Robovision, you will be responsible for configuring the Robovision AI Solution towards customer requirements. You are responsible for building end-to-end AI pipelines with which you put cutting edge AI research into practice

You translate customer requirements into an end-2-end AI solution
You develop or adapt state of the art machine learning algorithms
You integrate existing components and bring the AI solution into production
You install the solution on-site at the customer location
You actively share your knowledge with colleagues

Target profiles:
    In industries:
    • IT
    Required special knowledge

    You are highly motivated and modest
    You have a great feeling of ownership: you feel responsible for the results you deliver
    You are inquisitive: you ask yourself and others the correct questions and don't assume too easily that everything will work
    You make well-thought-out decisions with valid arguments that support them
    You are creative and have attention for details
    You are able to prioritize work correctly
    You work proactively and naturally identify tasks that need to be done
    You are practically oriented: you have ideas and can turn them into something real
    You are persistent in achieving your objectives and finding solutions.
    You should be able to select well chosen subtasks and manage a small team
    Strong mathematical background.
    Proficient in a number of programming languages: Python, C/C++.
    You can understand complex and abstract scientific literature and implement their concepts.
    Practical machine learning experience is a must-have (Tensorflow, Pytorch, JAX,...).
    Knowledge about databases (postgreSQL, mySQL,...) and containerized environments (docker, kubernetes,...) is a plus.
    Master/PhD in Engineering/Science or similar based upon experience
    Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience, preferably in one of our segments (Agri & Food, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Healthcare)
    You followed at least one course in the domain of Machine Learning (machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, …).

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