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Working at Dow Benelux

Working at Dow is unique. In principle, every employee is responsible for the work that he/she does. So it is up to you to decide what interests you. The personal development plan is completely tailored to your own preferences.

You have lot of freedom in the execution of your work. Dow expects every employee to have the knowledge and experience to make decisions independently.
Dow is a worldwide company. When you apply for a function at Dow in Terneuzen, it does not necessarily mean that you will work at that location. Based on your personal interests, you could be located everywhere in the world. That is why all the Dow job vacancies are offered via the internet and why Dow has a worldwide internal job bank on the intranet.

UGent graduates within Dow Benelux

Name: Sara Vernimmen

Degree: Chemical Technology (2016)

Current Job: Improvement Engineer at Dow (Terneuzen)

Since the first of September 2016 I started working as an improvement engineer for Dow in the department Power & Utilities. This department makes sure all other factories on the site have a continuous supply of steam, water, electricity, nitrogen, etc. As an improvement engineer I oversee a multitude of projects, varying from maintenance projects to the design and construction of new (parts of) installations. On the one hand I collaborate a lot with engineers, but on the other hand I get the opportunity to be in the plant and see everything for myself. As an improvement engineer you guide the project from the very first phase where an idea is generated to the final start-up of the installation. Seeing projects evolve from the beginning until the very end is a great experience as a freshly graduated engineer to learn a lot in a short period of time. As I had been doubting for a long time whether to pursue a phd or not, I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of water quality projects with different universities, among which Ghent University. Getting the chance to steer your career into a direction that fits your interests, makes Dow an ideal company for a first job.

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