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Name Company Publication date
Business Intelligence Intern Deliverect May 22nd, 2024
M&A Analyst Intern Deliverect May 21st, 2024
Stageplaats Architect GAB Architecten May 16th, 2024
Stage Siloproductie: optimalisatie Spiromatic May 14th, 2024
Stagiair beleids-en projectmedewerker energie & industriedecarbonisatie: CCUS, H2 en gasnetwerken Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen vzw May 8th, 2024
Automated Metadata Discovery Agidens May 3rd, 2024
Advanced Insights for Industrial Processes Agidens May 3rd, 2024
Large Language Model Orchestrator Agidens May 3rd, 2024
Stagiair (ir) architect GAB Architecten April 30th, 2024
Internship Pragma Labs April 2nd, 2024
NucliNET: the first foundation model for nuclear imaging Nuclivision April 2nd, 2024
Diffusion-based probabilistic models for synthetic noise generation in PET images Nuclivision April 2nd, 2024
Multimodal object detection on PET-CT studies for the detection of tumors Nuclivision April 2nd, 2024
Adversarial Image Enhancement of low-dose PET scans Nuclivision April 2nd, 2024
Power BI - From Raw Data to Storytelling Plainsight March 8th, 2024
Build a Data Engineering medaillon framework using Microsoft Fabric or Databricks Plainsight March 8th, 2024
Data Engineering Internship: Marketing, Finance & HR Analytics Plainsight March 8th, 2024
Generative AI use case in the wild: from Brainstorming to implementation Plainsight March 8th, 2024
React (Golang) Developer voor AI bedrijf UUG.AI March 3rd, 2024
Full Stack engineer / Machine learning and Computer Vision engineer UUG.AI March 3rd, 2024
Automatic captioning of fusion physics figures with image-to-text AI UGent - fea February 26th, 2024
Master Thesis: Benchmarking and Simulation of Automotive E-motors TREMEC February 26th, 2024
Anomaly detection for predictive maintenance in the edge Verhaert Masters in Innovation February 23rd, 2024
Cloud communication with reusable components Verhaert Masters in Innovation February 23rd, 2024
Research, development, implementation and evaluation low power techniques on RTOS. Verhaert Masters in Innovation February 23rd, 2024