Every second, 1 garbage truck of textiles is wasted globally. Only 1% is recycled, as garments are not made for recycling. Zippers, buttons and different materials need to be separated and require costly and time-consuming manual labour. This technical and economical bottleneck withholds the whole fashion industry to become circular.
Regeneration solves this problem with Resortecs®, a solution that includes sewing threads that dismantle at specific temperatures in combination with a continuous automatic disassembly line. When used for regular seams, the textile product can easily be dismantled later on by simply applying heat. Afterwards the different components can be separated for reuse, repair and recycling. This cuts the need to produce fabric from scratch and reduces by more than 7% the CO2 emissions of garments (~75M tons of CO2 for all garments in the EU).
Resortecs® is easy to implement at industrial scale: threads can be used on existing sewing machines, can be washed and ironed, and have a payback of less than 1 year. Through pilot tests with more than 15 global brands, as well as regular exchanges with recyclers and sorters, Resortecs® builds its future of becoming a global industry standard.


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