Awingu N.V.

Awingu N.V.

Awingu is a Ghent based start-up company that changes the way companies and public services use their IT. It offers employees secure access via the cloud to the existing IT services of those companies, like their applications and data.

By using the latests web technologies the users can work and collaborate with any device with an HTML5 compatible browser, whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home. Their IT administrators do not have to bother with installing specific software on the devices of the employees, allowing all IT services to be centralized and securely managed.

One of Awingu's cornerstones is that old, custom made Windows applications can run seamlessly on all recent mobile and desktop devices. This allows Awingu's customers to move "to the cloud" without the need to first rewrite all those applications.

Awingu's targeted customers are mid and large sized companies, public institutions and service providers. Awingu has recently closed strategic partnerships with Samsung and Google.


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Awingu N.V.

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