Caeleste cvba

Caeleste cvba

Caeleste is a proud group of 40 engineers, scientists & enthusiasts who create innovative CMOS image sensor solutions. By means of our custom designed image sensors engineering work, we provide our customers with a strong competitive advantage, differentiating from standard offerings.
Our activities include custom image sensor design, manufacture, assembly, and characterization. We are the originator of many novel concepts and patents. Our teams take on challenges to push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art CMOS image sensor circuits & technologies.
Outperforming the existing state of the art happens in many forms: faster frame rate by massive parallelism or by sparse readout, wavelengths from gamma rays to terahertz radio waves, particle or electrostatic field radiation by hybridizations or 3D integration, on-chip processing, in-pixel processing, F2F discussion with foundries and technology providers.


Active in Elektronica R & D
Interested in Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Electronic Circuits and Systems Burgerlijk Ingenieur - Photonics Mathematics and physics Engineering Technology - Electronics (Industrieel Ingenieur)
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Employees worldwide/Belgium 40/40
Revenue worldwide/Belgium 8737000 euro/105000 euro
Key partner No


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Caeleste cvba

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Ewa Burzynska
HR Officer

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